We Are Hiring!

We are Always looking for Passionate Educators

If you are passionate about Education, If you believe that Building Character and developing a child's sense of confidence are more important than Grades, then we want to meet you!

Don't just settle for a Job - Hear the calling!

If you want to make a real positive difference in the life of a Child, If you believe that happiness trumps money, then we want to meet you!

Do What you Love and Love what you do

Making a living should not prevent you from having a life. We will work with you to make your volunteer or work Experience at Astoria Values as rewarding as possible. We understand that our Employees and Volunteers are what make us special and treat them with the Value and respect they deserve. If you want to Volunteer as a Teacher's helper or if you love teaching, send us an email to  Flakrafli@Astoriavalues.com and tell us a little about yourself.