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We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Degrees are not what makes a teacher great; the love of the art is what makes a teacher great. We pride ourselves in employing teachers who love to teach, and we empower them by training them in our values-based methods. Kids notice when teachers watch the clock on the wall versus when they genuinely want to be there. We Do SAT tutorials, Algebra I & II NYS Regents Prep, as well as gifted- and specialized-exam preparation. Our teachers LOVE teaching, and that is the secret to our success! Contact us to find out more.

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Guaranteed Results

We offer a 30 Day Money back Guarantee. If you are not completely amazed by the transformation you see in your child, you pay nothing. We cater our programs to fit the needs of your child and have professionals who love what they do, so we are able to engage your child and make learning fun! Our incredible staff is dedicated to helping your child reach the stars. On day one, we interview you and your child to determine where your child needs help. We then plan out a program that is tailor built to the needs of your child. We share this plan with you and amend it throughout their learning journey.

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We Love what we do

Ours is a labor of Love. We understand that true education is not about memorizing facts and figures; real education is all about developing the ability to learn and coupling that yearning for knowledge alongside a strong value system. Once your child has developed their technical academic skills and learned how to learn, they will be smiling from ear to ear and brimming with confidence. That is when we remind them about the other values they need to be healthy and happy, like integrity and humility. Our goal is not just to bring your child academic success, rather we strive to help build character.

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If you are passionate about education, holding the belief that building character while developing a child's sense of confidence is more important than grades, then we want to meet you!

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We want teachers and volunteers who love interacting with children of all levels, and we pride ourselves in incorporating the child's individualities into their learning. If this connects with you, you just might belong here!

Do what you love and love what you do!

Making a living should not prevent you from having a life. We will work with you to make your volunteer/work experience at Astoria Values as rewarding as possible. We understand that our uniqueness comes from our employees and volunteers, so we act with respect and value toward our team.

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If you want to volunteer as a teacher's helper or simply love intentional methods of teaching, send us an email to Flakrafli@Astoriavalues.com and tell us a little about yourself. We'd love to connect!

Isaiah L.

“I love this place. There are so many loveable kids in there and I was privileged to tutor them in math and English. There is so much respect between the tutors and the people running the organization (Ms. Fatima and Mr. Matt). I really recommend bringing your kids here to learn and grow relationships with other kids from the neighborhood.”

Merari C.

“This place is incredible!! Volunteered here during spring break and helped tutored the wonderful children here. They have such a heart and passion to help the kids in the area academically and mentally.”

Rabea Z.

“This place is absolutely Amazing, the Lady in charge of registering the kids is very friendly they work around your time, my son is eager to go and learn and have fund at the same time”

“These guys are pretty Spectacular. If you have kids and you want them to get help with State Exams, Regents, SAT or even just have someone who can check and help them with their homework regularly; these guys are absolutely AMAZING. Fatima, the Director did an amazing job with our kids. The locations are very convenient, one of them is on Crescent by Ditmars and the other one on 20th Avenue and 46th caters mostly to younger kids. Highly recommend these guys!”

“The people at Astoria Values are truly some of the kindest, most respectable people I've met. They are so passionate about the children and the community! Definitely recommend!”

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